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Please fill in next form with your sizes so we know what gear to bring for you.



1. The form must be sent at least 10 days prior to your activity. If not we cannot guarante that we will have available and you will be responsable to bring it.

2. All gear not included in your package and available for rent is subject to availability. If we don’t have available we will let you know before you activity.

If you need gear for several mountains, the prices are for each mountain.


    Personal Information


    Name (*)

    1º Surname (*)

    2º Surname

    E-Mail (*)

    Sex (*)

    Height (please specify if in cm. or ft.) (*)

    Wheight (please specify if in kg or lb) (*)

    Name of your adventure/s (For example: Pico de Orizaba, Iztaccihuatl, La Malinche, Trilogy, etc) (*)

    Start date (*) (First mountain day with us)


    Size Information- Fill in only the gear that you will need from us






    Hiking Poles


    The following gear is for rental if you need any.

    Not included in your package.


    Prices for each mountain


    Secon Layer Jacket (200 mxn)

    Third LayerJacket (200 mxn)

    Rain Pants (200 mxn)

    Boots Size (350 mxn)

    What type of boots size?

    Snow Gloves (150 mxn)

    Gaiters (50 mxn)

    Back Pack (150 mxn)

    Sleeping Bag (300 mxn)

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