Gear needed to summit Iztaccihuatl


Here’s a list of the gear you will need if you hike Iztaccihuatl with us. Some we provide for you, some you will have to bring, and some you can rent from us 🙂

As you can see, we provide all technical and common gear so you don’t have to carry it all the way to the mountain,  and only worry about your personal mountain clothes, and if you don’t want to, we can rent them to you (subject to availability)

Rental prices are for each mountain



Rent (mexican pesos mxn)
for each Mountain


INCLUDED in all packages
60 cm or more.
INCLUDED in all packages
Climbing helmet
INCLUDED in all packages
Climbing or mountaineering
INCLUDED in all packages
Safety lock
INCLUDED in all packages
Hiking poles
Adjustable size
INCLUDED in all packages
Front lamp
Suitable to wear on helmet (with full batteries)
INCLUDED in all packages
Ropes, anchors, First aids kid, etc.
INCLUDED in all packages

CLOTHING (3 layers)

First layer shirt
Long sleeve. Fast drying, not cotton
Not for rent
Second layer jacket
Soft-shell, wool, down, etc. If not sure, bring two.
200 mxn
Third layer jackt
Waterproof, breathable and with hat big enough for wearing it with helmet.
200 mxn
First layar pants
Fast drying, not cotton
Not for rent
Second layer pants
Not needed
Third layer pants
Waterproof and breathable
200 mxn
Warm and waterproof, the less flexible the better. Max 13 US size
350 mxn
Neck protector
Buff type or similar
Not for rent
Warm and thin, you will have a helmet to fit it in.
Not for rent
Liner gloves
Thin to fit inside the big ones
Not for rent
Big gloves
warm, insulatede and waterproof
150 mxn
50 mxn
Liner socks
Thin and comfortable
Not for rent
Thick socks
Wool or synthetic, no cotton.
Not for rent


30-40L. Make sure ice-axe can be stored on the outside
150 mxn
Sun glasses
Protection class 4 - snow high mountain
Not for rent
Minimum factor 60
Not for rent
How heavy is it?
Our guides will take pictures of the hole hike, will send them to you for free
Water bottle
One 500ml that fits in your pocket is very handy and the rest in your backpack. All together 2 L
Water bladder
Good but will freeze on the 3rd quarter of the mountain, so bring also small bottle
Not for rent
We provide all, even special meals and hiking food for vegetarians, etc.
We carry 2 L on summit day
INCLUDED in all packages


Sleeping bag
0 to -5 ºC / 23-32 ºF will do
300 mxn
Sleeping pad
INCLUDED in all packages
INCLUDED in all packages
Cooking stoves, dishes, etc
INCLUDED in all packages
If you are in doubt  about buying a product, we ask you to send us an image of the product you want to buy and we will give you our observations.

Some examples of equipment-1
Some examples of equipment-2
Some examples of equipment-3


… see you on the mountain !!!


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